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Purchasing Tips for Paper Towel Dispensers - Commercial Bathroom Accessories

When washing your hands in a public restroom, do you really want to pull on the same lever that a hundred others have pulled on? Do you know how well the last guy washed his hands. For this reason, mainly, the automatic paper towel dispenser was invented.

It's not silly to think you shouldn't touch something so infrequently cleaned just after washing your hands. Manufacturers recognized this issue and introduced motion sensors in automatic paper towel dispensers. These inventions work without touching anything, you simply wave your hand beneath the mechanism, you can get the needed paper towels to finish drying off.

For business owners these automatic paper towel dispensers give more control over the use of paper towels. In the past, customers and employees could grab as many paper towels as they wanted, literally by the handful, and most went in to the waste receptacle without even using them. Automatic paper towel dispensers allow a more measured towel distribution. Thus saving cold hard cash.

Reputable companies that make automatic paper towel dispensers include, Bradley and American Specialties.

What Kind of Paper Towel Dispenser do I Need?

Buying a towel dispenser for your commercial bathroom -- there are many choices. If you go with a non-automatic, push-button, towel dispenser, you will need to decide whether you want to install a roll-system with a lever, or a pull-sheet dispenser. So which one? Well here is a short guide to public washroom towel dispensers:

There are benefits to both types of towel dispensers. Both the roll-system and pull-sheet are less expensive to purchase and maintain than touchfree automatic towel dispensers. They install easy and are easy to refill. The differences are a matter of convenience and conservation.

Convenience Vs. Conservation

Towel dispensers that distribute sheets -- people using them grab as many individual sheets as they want with no effort. This least effort makes such towel dispensers far more convenient for your users. But, this means that a handful of paper towels will be put in the trash without them ever really having been used. A few customers like this in a row and you'll be re-stocking your towel dispensers in no time.

The roll towel dispensers -- a lever is required in order to get each sheet-length of paper. With these types of towel dispensers, people are less willing to expend the energy and effort to get towels they don't really need. While roll towel dispensers are slightly less convenient because of the action required to use them, they will conserve far more than the sheet type dispensers.

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